My Hair Care and Styling Products

Hi Guys! Today’s post features the products that I use on my hair quite frequently and a little review on each of them!

1. Herbal Essences’ Naked Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner – I change up my shampoo and conditioner regularly, each time I finish a set. This time I’ve been using the Naked Moisture shampoo/conditioner from Herbal essences which claims to have no heavy residues, parabens and dyes. I’m not sure if I see a dramatic difference after each time I use this but it smells nice and I like Herbal Essences as a brand; I’ve liked pretty much every shampoo/conditioner I have used from them, so this is no different.

2. Denorex Therapeutic Dual Shampoo & Conditioner – I use the Denorex 2-in-1 Therapeutic shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week to control my psoriasis. You massage the product onto your head and leave for about 5 minutes. I like to wash my face/body, shave my legs if I have time, during the waiting part. It starts to get tingly and then you wash it off. The formula is supposed to help relieve itching, irritation, redness, flaking caused by dandruff or scalp psoriasis. I do notice a change after I use it and it does help to relieve the itching and irritation I get.

3. Regis Designline Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioner – I got this product about two years ago from the hair salon I go to, and I tend to use it on the days I wash my hair with the Denorex product. Only because I feel like after I use the Denorex, my hair feels a little dry and so using the leave-in conditioner gives it some moisture and helps me brush my hair out easier.

4. ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment from Biolage – I got this from my friend about two years ago when she worked within a fashion magazine for her placement. She was always getting free products and gave some to her roommates, including me. The product is a serum infused with moringa, macadamia and argan oils. You can use the oil before shampooing, during conditioning, while styling or overnight as a treatment. I was originally using it overnight, but I felt like my pillow was getting oily so I’ve started to use it during conditioning. I use about 3 pumps (is that too much? it doesn’t say) mixed in with the amount of conditioner I use and my hair does feel shiny and nourished.

5. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray – They redesigned the cans, so I have the one that is a flexible hold hair spray and whenever I do finish it, I’ll get the one that’s the next step up. But, overall, it does it’s job and doesn’t leave my hair crunchy.

6. Tresemme Mousse – I’m not even sure what the name of the one I have is, but it’s not in the mousse collection anymore. But basically, I just put a pump in my hand, massage it through my damp hair and then do one of my braiding hairstyles overnight in which I get wave hair the next day. I think the mousse adds some extra hold to my hair since it’s fine and flat; I have no volume whatsoever, so I think this helps keep my curls intact.

Thanks for reading! Any products you think I should look into at all? 🙂

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week; had to purchase a new laptop because my other computer battery was about to die, so I’ve been waiting until I bought my new one to upload pictures and such to it! Posts might be a little sparing for the next couple of weeks until I can figure out how to not lose all my music from iPod when I plug it in to this computer. Thank goodness for backups!

How To: Beachy Waves

I love the idea of big, voluminous curls, but can never quite get it to work on my hair. And since I’ve cut it shorter in the past couple weeks, curls are kinda out of the question. BUT, the beachy wave look? That’s juuuuuuusssst perfect.

I have finally mastered the art to get perfect beachy waves! It has taken me a good amount of time to perfect just how many braids I need to do, but I have done it, and so I guess I can let you in on my little secret. P.S. you’ll get tons of compliments!

Looking awesome with no makeup and in my pjs!

Looking awesome with no makeup and in my pjs!

You’re going to want to start of with damp hair. It shouldn’t be dripping wet or soaked though, so air drying it for an hour is best. Next, I added a curling mousse to help hold the waves in place. I use the Tresemme Naturals Lightweight Mousse.

Grrrrrrl, I'm fancy huh

Grrrrrrl, I’m fancy huh

Next, I section off my hair to braid it. I like to move my hair over on the top of my head to where I want to have it parted the next day. The front two sections closest to my face (one on each side), I start with french braiding them. Eventually, I’ll run out of viable hair to put in the french braid, so then I just braid the rest of those pieces normally and tie them up with elastics.

Usually, I’ll just have two leftover sections of hair, but yesterday I had three (I think it’s because of all the layers I have now), so I just separate them and braid them normally, tying them up at the end. And then you’ll have a crazy hair-do like the one pictured above.

And then you do the best thing ever! You sleep on your hair until you wake up! Sleeping with braids takes some getting used to but it’s not horrible.



The next day, I normally wait until I’m finished getting ready (makeup, outfit, breakfast etc.) before I take the braids out. I like to think this helps with holding the wave. When you take the braids out, just weave them apart, and they’ll kind of look like what I have above.


Finally, I usually shake out my head (the bottoms tend to just look straight because of the elastics) and add a little hairspray. I use the Herbal Essences Set Me Up #1. Now you’re good to go, and ready to take on the day!

I hope you liked this tutorial! I may do more in the future if I ever stop wearing my hair three ways, haha! 🙂