Book Babble: Review of Paper Towns

** This review will contain slight spoilers for the end of the novel **

paper towns

I will start off by admitting that originally I didn’t want to read any of John Green’s novels because he is so loved, almost over-hyped by all the “nerd-fighters” and I was afraid that I wouldn’t like his novels, wouldn’t see why his books were so great. However, I ended up loving The Fault in Our Stars once I finally read it. But I can’t say the same thing about Paper Towns.

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Book Babbles: Review of Sharp Objects

Just last week I picked up Gillian Flynn’s novel Sharp Objects and read it in about three days. Flynn has previously written the bestseller Gone Girl, as well as her other novel called Dark Places. Both of these novels I have read and enjoyed, but surprisingly, I prefer Sharp Objects to either of these two books.

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