BoxyCharm Unboxing | June 2018

Hello All! I did my best this month to keep myself from looking at any spoilers of June’s box from BoxyCharm and I am glad I did because I was excited and happy to test out some of the products we received this month! So, let’s review!

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May BoxyCharm | 2018

Hello All! I am back from Texas and boy was I surprised by how much greenery was in Texas! I thought it would look a lot like Arizona but there were so many trees where I was staying. I also was able to visit The Alamo and the Riverwalk and San Antonio and again, beautiful and full of such history; I am definitely grateful to be able to travel with the company I work for to be able to see these places!

I returned home yesterday and my BoxyCharm arrived too, so that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all today! This month was BoxyCharm’s birthday so in the box was actually 6 products instead of the usual 5. The box retails for $21 US or around $30 CAD.

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March BoxyCharm | 2018

Hi guys! I didn’t really do too well on sticking to one post a week did I? Well, it’s late but here is my unboxing of the March BoxyCharm. I did get taken off the waitlist early enough to receive the February box; however, I already knew what came inside the box from watching beauty vloggers on YouTube. So, this time I avoided all the videos so that I could get surprised this month!

I’ve also cancelled my ipsy subscription. The last two months were a little bit lackluster and I don’t need to spend my money on two subscription services. Anyways, here is my rating and review of March’s BoxyCharm!

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Ipsy Unbagging | February 2018

Hi guys! Today’s post is my February Ipsy unbagging! While I am excited to share with you what I received this month, I am not rating each of the products because I have not tested them out just yet, and I only received four products of the five I was supposed to receive! I was supposed to get the Biobelle Perfecting Primer Facial mask but that wasn’t in the bag/the shipping package. I have already contacted Ipsy and they are sending one over to me, free of charge! Their customer service is quick by the way.

But onto the bag and products I currently have in my possession:

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Ipsy Unbagging | January 2018

Hello! Today I am sharing with you what I received from Ipsy for the month of January. Ipsy retails for about $10 USD and (with shipping) $20 CAN. I decided to try out the subscription late last year in the fall and so far it’s been pretty good. Let’s see what I got in this month’s bag!

First, I love the design of the bag this month! I think it’s my favourite bag I’ve received so far! It’s super fun and I love the colours and fabric choices they went with.

The first product I received in the bag was from Absolute New York in that lovely gold shade. It’s a nice colour, but I already own plenty of beautiful gold shades so I might just pass this on to my sister. It just didn’t impress me with the pigmentation. 2/5

The next item I received was a mini dry shampoo from the brand Oribe. I have difficulty using dry shampoos. I follow the instructions outlined on the ones I’ve used in the past and I don’t feel like they work for me. I did use this once but I couldn’t actually tell you if it worked or not. 2/5

I received a liquid lipstick from the brand So Susan in the shade Pumpkin. It’s a beautiful colour and I tested it out when I wore it to work yesterday. It is the quickest drying formula that I’ve ever used and it has the staying power for sure! I find it a little uncomfortable because it is so dry, but it only started to irritate my lips about 3-4 hours in. I think if you like the dryer liquid lipstick formulas, this is definitely a brand to try. 4/5

I also received the mini Mary-Loumanizer from The Balm. It is such a small sample! I own the full size so I’ll be passing this along to my sister. It is a very beautiful highlight, but I feel as though The Balm has gypped customers with how tiny the sample is. 5/5

Finally, the last item I received was a charcoal wash off mask from the brand Global Beauty Care. The pouch is large enough that I could get about three uses out of it. I tried this the other day and while I felt like it did the job it was supposed to, washing it off was a little difficult as the gray colour kind of moved about and almost looked to stain my face. I will use this again but at the end of the day before bed. 4/5

Swatches from top to bottom: gold eye shadow, Mary-Loumanizer highlighter, So Susan liquid lipstick

Overall, I was not super impressed with the products in the bag. I really liked the face mask, the liquid lipstick and if I didn’t already own it, I would have liked receiving the Mary Loumanizer. Out of a potential score of 25, I am giving this bag 17/25.

I have not yet tried other beauty subscription services. I would eventually like to try BoxyCharm but to be honest, I am a little concerned with how much per month it will cost me as I live in Canada.

What did you receive in your Ipsy this month? Do you think it would be worth it to try other beauty subscription services?

Have a great day!