Three Looks, One Palette | ABH Subculture Palette Review

Hello All! I finally caved. I’ve been eyeing and debating on purchasing the Subculture palette for a few months now. I wasn’t a fan of it when it first came out, and I don’t own any of the other palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills; plus there was all that backlash about this palette too.

But, this palette has a lot more of those cooler tones I’m craving right now. (I’m very sick of all these ultra warm toned palettes). And I’ve been browsing the Sephora webpage constantly to see if it’s still available that last week I finally caved and went out and purchased it.

It’s beautiful.


Okay, so in Canada and more specifically Ontario, this palette retails for $55 (came to $62.15 with tax). That’s a big chunk of change but about average for most eye shadow palettes in Ontario. Most high end palettes retail between $45 – $60 CAD here.

It has that soft, velvety packaging which I quite like but it’s definitely going to show a lot of wear and tear down the line (like the packaging that the LORAC palettes have where you can see every finger print!).

The palette comes with 14 shades – 1 duochrome, 2 metallic shadows, and 11 matte shadows. It also comes with a dual ended brush – one side for blending, the other for packing on shadows.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the dozens of videos about the Subculture palette, so I didn’t do any swatches of the shadows. They are VERY pigmented and like most beauty vloggers mentioned, you do not need a lot of product on the brush to get a good pigmented colour. There is kickback with the shadows, but again, the slightest tap into the product can help eliminate most of this.

Is there fallout? Not with the lighter shades. I’ve created a couple looks with this palette so far, and I saw some fallout with the dark blue shades and a little bit with the khaki green shade.

Is it hard to blend? The lighter shades are much easier to blend out, but the darker shades especially the blues are much more difficult. If you’re planning on using those shades, you need to have a good amount of time to put in the work to make it look good. I found when blending the darker shades sometimes the blending brush would wipe away the pigment from the shadow so I would have to keep re-applying and re-blending several times to get the A) the pigment and colour I wanted and B) to keep the makeup looking seamless and not like clown makeup.

Let’s get to the looks!

Look One:

For this look, I started out with Dawn in the crease. Then I deepened the crease with New Wave which is a mustard-y colour. I took Mercury with a flat shader brush and pat that all over my lid. I used a blending brush with a little bit of Mercury on it to blend out the edges of the look. I applied a bit of NYX’s Milk eyeshadow base in the inner corner placing the shade Electric on top to make it pop more!

Look Two:

For this look I started out again with Dawn in the crease. I added a little bit of both New Wave and Edge to deepen the crease. I also added Roxy to the crease as well. It’s a pinky-brown shade. I took Destiny on a tapered blending brush and slowly added that to the outer part of my lid and bringing it into the crease. It took a little bit of patience and blending to get it to how I wanted it to look. I “wet” a concealer brush with setting spray and picked up Electric and applied it wet to the inner and middle part of my eyelid so that the shade was more pigmented and shiny. I did go back in with the tiniest bit of Destiny to blend out the part where both of the shades met on the eyelid. I used Roxy and New Wave to smoke out my lower lash line. I highlighted the inner corner with theBalm’s Mary Louminizer.

Look Three:

For this simple look, I, once again started out with Dawn in the crease. I then took Edge in the crease as well (which after the fact, I wouldn’t have used because it blends a little brown but I didn’t have time to change my look once I started!). I then took New Wave with a blending brush and applied it to the crease and then onto my lid as well. I also applied it to my bottom lash line. I used theBalm’s Mary Louminizer as my corner highlight and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner to create the wing.

Overall, I’m enjoying this palette. I have researched a lot of ways to use the darker shades because I want to be able to use this palette fully and not just stick to the lighter shades. I find it a lot easier to do my eyes first with this palette and then apply foundation/concealer etc. Normally, I do foundation first but I’m afraid of the fallout with this palette if I use the darker shades. I’m happy that I caved and purchase it – I just wish I remembered to use my gift card haha!

I hope you enjoy today’s post!


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