May BoxyCharm | 2018

Hello All! I am back from Texas and boy was I surprised by how much greenery was in Texas! I thought it would look a lot like Arizona but there were so many trees where I was staying. I also was able to visit The Alamo and the Riverwalk and San Antonio and again, beautiful and full of such history; I am definitely grateful to be able to travel with the company I work for to be able to see these places!

I returned home yesterday and my BoxyCharm arrived too, so that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all today! This month was BoxyCharm’s birthday so in the box was actually 6 products instead of the usual 5. The box retails for $21 US or around $30 CAD.

First these Aesthetica brushes came as two separate “items”. The large brush is the P12 Face Brush and it individually retails for $27 US or $35 CAD. It is very soft and fluffy, but I already have two large brushes I use for face powder so I will try this out as a blush brush. – 3/5

The three smaller brushes is known as the Pro Brush Series. We received a spoolie brush, a small eyeliner brush, and an angled eyeliner brush. I would have preferred to have just received this set of brushes and not the large face brush but getting all 4 of them was nice. I don’t know often I’ll use the eyeliner brushes as I don’t wear eyeliner often but it’s a pretty good set so far. This retails for $45 US or $58 CAD. – 3/5

The next item we received was the Cover FX blurring primer. The tube makes a weird noise when I squeeze the primer out of it which is odd. From what I’ve tested today I’m unsure if I will like this primer. It looks like it has the same consistency as the Benefit Porefessional and I am one of the few people who doesn’t like that primer. I will continue to use but I’m not super into this product. This retails for $38 US or $49 CAD. – 3/5

The next item we received had a lot of weight to it! It’s the Pretty Vulgar Ink Gel Eyeliner. First, the packaging is amazing. It looks like a little ink well! The product comes with 0.2 oz of a product, so worth the money! This is highly pigmented! This retails for $22 US or $28 CAD. – 4/5

The next item we received was the Beauty Creations Matte Lipgloss (mine was in the shade Sweet Heart). This is not a lip gloss; it is a very drying liquid lipstick. It has a sweet scent to it, it almost smells like sugary fruit punch to me. I tried wearing this out of the house today but it is just too dry of a formula to me. I would compare it to the Colourpop liquid lipstick formula. I will be passing this along to my sister. This retails for $10 US or $13 CAD. – 1/5

The last item we received was the Pur Sculptor palette with two contour shades and two highlight shades. I don’t contour my face; to be honest, I’m not really sure how and it doesn’t concern me enough to start doing it. The shades they gave for the contour shades are good because one is a light/medium brown and the other is a dark brown so it can work on medium to dark skin tones. The highlight shades are beautiful and pigmented. I did attempt to “contour” my face when using this today (but gave up because I don’t know how!) but I can say that the light/medium contour shade is pigmented as well! This retails for $30 US or $38 CAD. – 3.5/5

Overall, I wasn’t super impressed with this month’s box. I could have done without the large powder brush and the lip product. I’m on the fence about the contour palette and I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of the smaller brushes or the gel liner. The gel eyeliner was my favourite thing of the box though – the packaging of it does play a role in that.

The box retails for $172 US or $221 CAD. If you do like this box, it is well worth the money you paid for it.

My overall rating of this box is 17.5/25.

Did you enjoy what came in your box this month?

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