Winter Empties | 2018

I know it’s “Spring” now but here, near Toronto, it is still snowing. I did finish all of these products before the official start of Spring, so I am claiming these as my Winter Empties!

First, I finished two foundations. One of them was a sample size I received in an ipsy bag – the Makeup Forever Ultra HD I think and I really enjoyed this foundation. It had medium coverage and stayed fairly matte on my oily skin for most of the day. I will definitely think about purchasing a full size of this in the future.

The other foundation was the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in the shade Cool Bone. I only had a little bit left when I put this into my Project Pan for this year. It’s a beautiful foundation and it has the staying power that it claims with a great shade range.

I also finished using the sample size of the MAC Prep and Prime. It was a good primer; it did it’s job but it didn’t wow me, so I probably wouldn’t purchase this in the future.

finally finished using my Maybelline setting spray. I honestly have no idea if setting sprays really help my makeup last all day but I still continue to use them. I would consider re-purchasing this in the future but it is a little more expensive for the drugstore. Also, it has a decent smell to it.

I only really used up one of the four mascaras, but the other three I’m tossing. I eventually ran out of my Essence Lash Princess mascara and I finished it early this year too; I’ve been rotating in other mascaras for about a month. It is my favourite mascara and I just repurchased it today!

For the NYC (purple) mascara, I actually had two open in my collection and the first one I started using again had dried out so it’s been tossed. After trying to use the NYC for about two weeks, I had to stop. It used to be one of my favourites but I just don’t like the way the NYC one makes my lashes look – they come out almost spidery now.

The E.L.F mascara (white) I bought on a whim but it’s not a good mascara. The wand is flimsy and it just does nothing to the lashes; no volume, no definition, no added length. Plus, it’s a pretty watery consistency. Not into it.

Lastly, I finished my NYX lip liner in the shade Natural. It took me years to finally finish this lip liner and I went out and repurchased it. It works well with any nude lipstick and I like that you can roll up the liner and I don’t have to worry about sharpening it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Since I don’t really use a ton of new products every month, it works better for me to do seasonal empties and seasonal favourites for future posts. I’m happy that I’ve made a dent with finishing some products that were part of my project pan for 2018.



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