BoxyCharm Unboxing | April 2018

Today’s post is an exciting one – my April BoxyCharm unboxing! Well, I did already unbox this on Friday; it finally arrived after two weeks of me patiently following my tracking number, and I made sure not to spoil myself and I am glad I did not because this month’s box is amazing!

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Anti-Haul #1

Hello All! I love watching anti-hauls on YouTube and seeing what people are either not that hyped about or just plain dissing the brand and collection. It’s refreshing to see people not rave about every new collection that comes out. Today, I’m rounding up a few beauty and makeup items and releases that I won’t be buying and tell you why. Hope you enjoy!

1. Wet N Wild Festival/Unicorn Collection – here

I’m just over the super shimmery and duochromatic shades of lipstick, eye shadows and highlighters. The lipsticks aren’t universally flattering and the highlighters are not “every day” highlighters, so it’s money that would not be going to good use.

2. Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette – here

I actually do not own any of the ABH eyeshadow palettes. The only one that I am sad that I missed out on is the controversial Subculture palette. But the ABH Soft Glam is boring. There’s no oompf to it. I have all of these shades in palettes I already own so I don’t need to spend $55 to create similar looks to what I can already do.

3. KKW X Mario Palette – here

I am not a fan of the Kardashians especially Kim. So, it will come as no surprise that I have no interest in purchasing the KKW X Mario palette. The palette looks similar to shades I already own except for that pop of blue; but I have never worn blue eye shadow all over my lid and I know that I won’t so even with the pop of colour it still does not pique my interest. Also for 10 eyeshadows, the palette is $45.

4. Fenty Beauty Body Lava Luminizer – here

I am pale; like darn pale. I rarely self-tan, and I mostly burn when out in the sun. The Body Lava by Fenty looks beautiful from the Instagram videos I’ve seen but I just have no desire to use it. The reviews are also pretty bad for it; claims that the luminizer doesn’t dry down and leaves the skin feeling sticky.

5. Any and all Natasha Denona palettes

I just can’t understand anyone who willing pays over $100 for an eyeshadow palette. Half of the reviews I have watched claimed that the eyeshadows are not up to par for the high price point.

What are some beauty items you have no interest in buying? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

March BoxyCharm | 2018

Hi guys! I didn’t really do too well on sticking to one post a week did I? Well, it’s late but here is my unboxing of the March BoxyCharm. I did get taken off the waitlist early enough to receive the February box; however, I already knew what came inside the box from watching beauty vloggers on YouTube. So, this time I avoided all the videos so that I could get surprised this month!

I’ve also cancelled my ipsy subscription. The last two months were a little bit lackluster and I don’t need to spend my money on two subscription services. Anyways, here is my rating and review of March’s BoxyCharm!

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