Ipsy Unbagging | February 2018

Hi guys! Today’s post is my February Ipsy unbagging! While I am excited to share with you what I received this month, I am not rating each of the products because I have not tested them out just yet, and I only received four products of the five I was supposed to receive! I was supposed to get the Biobelle Perfecting Primer Facial mask but that wasn’t in the bag/the shipping package. I have already contacted Ipsy and they are sending one over to me, free of charge! Their customer service is quick by the way.

But onto the bag and products I currently have in my possession:

I am not a fan of the bag this month. I can understand it’s supposed to be girly or romantic for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s one of the cheapest looking bags I have received so far; and also January’s bag was my favourite of the 5 months I have had Ipsy for.

So, first I received the Luxie Beauty shading and blending eye brush (#249). I love getting brushes in the subscriptions because good, quality brushes are expensive! I will definitely use this!

Next, I was very happy to receive an Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Unzipped. I have never tried the highly hyped liquid lipsticks from Ofra so I am excited to test this shade out!

I received a mini eye shadow palette from the brand Pacifica. The shades are mediocre from what I’ve swatched on my hand. The more golden shades look to be more pigmented than the purple shades. I will test this out but I may pass on to my sister.

Finally, I received a blush from Bang Beauty in the shade Smoked Peach. It looks to be pretty pigmented from what I have swatched and I love peachy and coral blushes on my skin tone so I am also excited to try this out!

Swatch of Smoked Peach blush, the Pacific eye shadows and Unzipped liquid lipstick.

I will update this post when I receive the last product I was supposed to get. I also just signed up for BoxyCharm so I am looking forward to seeing how the first few boxes of that subscription compares to Ipsy – I do know you receive full size products in BoxyCharm. I will probably keep the two subscriptions for the first few months and then remove either Ipsy or BoxyCharm depending on which one I prefer. While both prices for each subscription are low, Canadian rates are usually 1.5x the price of each subscription and it’s not going to benefit me in the long run to keep both! Ipsy equals out to just under $20 a month in Canadian, and BoxyCharm will be just over $32.

But anyways, enough rambling – I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you receive in your Ipsy or BoxyCharm?

Have a great day! šŸ™‚

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