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Good afternoon all! I hope you are having or have had a lovely Sunday! It feels weird to know that I have to go back to work tomorrow for a full week after being off for almost all the winter break. I love my job and am excited but am not feeling like getting up at 7am tomorrow to get to work on time!

However, I am excited to play around with my newest eyeshadow palette; the Tarte Tarteist Pro palette. I was able to pick it up while my sister and I went to Buffalo for a few days last weekend. It is so beautiful and I have had my eye on it for a while but here in Canada, the palette retails for $79 with tax, and that is just too much. So, I was able to pick it up in Buffalo for only $53 with their tax and am very happy that I’ve added it to my collection.

I love the brand Tarte. I adore their blushes; they are probably my favourite formula that I have tried. I like their mascara, and I love their eye shadows. I own 5 of their makeup palettes, the most of any one brand in my collection, and so I have decided to share my thoughts and swatches of these palettes with you!

From Top to Bottom: Graveyard Girl Swamp Queen Palette, Tarteist Pro Palette, Carried Away Palette, Tarteist Pro to Go Palette, Tartelette Tease Palette

In order of when I got them:

I received the Tarte Carried Away palette 4 years ago I think for Christmas. It was part of a holiday set that included the palette, a brush, a small setting powder, eight mini lip glosses (all of which I decluttered) and the blush that’s in my project pan for 2018.

Next, I bought the Tartelette Tease palette. I had previously purchased and returned the full Tartelette palette but I had owned much similar shades to that palette and that’s why I returned it.

Last year I purchased the Graveyard Girl x Tarte palette as I am a fan of Bunny and I also love Tarte shadows.

I purchased the Tarteist Pro to Go very recently, early October I would say and I love it so far.

Finally, like I mentioned previously, I just picked up the Tarteist Pro palette and have yet to really play with it.

Let’s start with the Carried Away palette. I do not know how much the set retailed for but this was the first palette from Tarte I ever owned, and one of my very first high end eye shadow palettes to begin with. It came with one of those flimsy clear covers that had the names of the eye shadows on them and I actually taped it to the inside of the cover. I used to really enjoy this palette. As you can see from the photo, it was well loved! However, from using newer Tarte palettes I can say that their formula has changed and for the better. This eye shadow formula is hard to blend and a little chalky. I didn’t mind that much when I was still a beginner in makeup, but now I reach for their newer palettes over this one. I do like the layout of this palette and how it separated the eye shadows into quads so that I kind of knew which ones would work well together. I do sometimes still use this palette, and I think it would be hard for me to part with this palette.

The Tartelette Tease palette retails for $30 CAN or $23 US. I can understand it is quite a lot of money to shell out for one small palette but I do use this palette frequently. It’s a great size for travelling and I although I can’t create too many looks out of it, it’s great to use if I don’t have much time to get ready and I just know how to make an easy eye look with it.

I am a big fan of Bunny aka Grav3yard Girl on YouTube. I love her vlogs and her chatty videos so when I heard she was coming out with a palette collaboration with Tarte, I knew I had to buy it. This was limited edition and Sephora no longer carries it. I believe it was about $50 CAN. I really love this palette even though some of the purple shades look similar to the Tease palette. I never have used the bronzer shade (it’s too orange-ish and also has shimmer in it) and very rarely use the blush shade. The highlighter shade is to die for! The swatch does not do it justice! I use mostly the orange-y/gold shades in this palette and that top rustic orange-y shade (called Dogman) is perfection. I do use the brush it comes with but it’s not the best brush ever. The palette isn’t great to travel with but I do very much enjoy this palette.

Next comes the Tarteist Pro to Go palette. Again, this also retails for $30 CAN or $23 US. I purchased this back in the early fall and again it sometimes pains me to know I spent $30 on such a small palette but I love Tarte eye shadows! The colours are nice especially for the fall and the matte shades in this palette are the standout shades (the two in the middle column are beautiful paired together for a matte eye shadow look!). The plum shimmer shade is pretty all over the lid too. The shimmer shades work best when applied using your fingers, I find.

Finally we have the Tarteist Pro palette. This palette retails for $69 CAN and $53 US. I understand with the exchange rate that I pretty much bought the palette at the same price but it doesn’t feel that way and I’m going to stick with the fact that I got it at a better deal! Haha! I had been eyeing this palette for a while and wasn’t actually going to pick it up because it was A) so expensive and B) a few reviews I had seen had said that it wasn’t so good. However, I follow Andrea Matillano and she is one of my favourite influencers to watch on YouTube and she raved about it. She made me by the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula which is my ride or die bronzer so I trust her reviews. The pigmentation looks quite good, and it looks like the shimmer shades would also be best applied using fingers too. I am excited to try this palette out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to see a pictorial on one of these palettes, let me know in the comments!

Thanks! 🙂

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