Ipsy Unbagging | January 2018

Hello! Today I am sharing with you what I received from Ipsy for the month of January. Ipsy retails for about $10 USD and (with shipping) $20 CAN. I decided to try out the subscription late last year in the fall and so far it’s been pretty good. Let’s see what I got in this month’s bag!

First, I love the design of the bag this month! I think it’s my favourite bag I’ve received so far! It’s super fun and I love the colours and fabric choices they went with.

The first product I received in the bag was from Absolute New York in that lovely gold shade. It’s a nice colour, but I already own plenty of beautiful gold shades so I might just pass this on to my sister. It just didn’t impress me with the pigmentation. 2/5

The next item I received was a mini dry shampoo from the brand Oribe. I have difficulty using dry shampoos. I follow the instructions outlined on the ones I’ve used in the past and I don’t feel like they work for me. I did use this once but I couldn’t actually tell you if it worked or not. 2/5

I received a liquid lipstick from the brand So Susan in the shade Pumpkin. It’s a beautiful colour and I tested it out when I wore it to work yesterday. It is the quickest drying formula that I’ve ever used and it has the staying power for sure! I find it a little uncomfortable because it is so dry, but it only started to irritate my lips about 3-4 hours in. I think if you like the dryer liquid lipstick formulas, this is definitely a brand to try. 4/5

I also received the mini Mary-Loumanizer from The Balm. It is such a small sample! I own the full size so I’ll be passing this along to my sister. It is a very beautiful highlight, but I feel as though The Balm has gypped customers with how tiny the sample is. 5/5

Finally, the last item I received was a charcoal wash off mask from the brand Global Beauty Care. The pouch is large enough that I could get about three uses out of it. I tried this the other day and while I felt like it did the job it was supposed to, washing it off was a little difficult as the gray colour kind of moved about and almost looked to stain my face. I will use this again but at the end of the day before bed. 4/5

Swatches from top to bottom: gold eye shadow, Mary-Loumanizer highlighter, So Susan liquid lipstick

Overall, I was not super impressed with the products in the bag. I really liked the face mask, the liquid lipstick and if I didn’t already own it, I would have liked receiving the Mary Loumanizer. Out of a potential score of 25, I am giving this bag 17/25.

I have not yet tried other beauty subscription services. I would eventually like to try BoxyCharm but to be honest, I am a little concerned with how much per month it will cost me as I live in Canada.

What did you receive in your Ipsy this month? Do you think it would be worth it to try other beauty subscription services?

Have a great day!

Palette Collection | Tarte Cosmetics

Good afternoon all! I hope you are having or have had a lovely Sunday! It feels weird to know that I have to go back to work tomorrow for a full week after being off for almost all the winter break. I love my job and am excited but am not feeling like getting up at 7am tomorrow to get to work on time!

However, I am excited to play around with my newest eyeshadow palette; the Tarte Tarteist Pro palette. I was able to pick it up while my sister and I went to Buffalo for a few days last weekend. It is so beautiful and I have had my eye on it for a while but here in Canada, the palette retails for $79 with tax, and that is just too much. So, I was able to pick it up in Buffalo for only $53 with their tax and am very happy that I’ve added it to my collection.

I love the brand Tarte. I adore their blushes; they are probably my favourite formula that I have tried. I like their mascara, and I love their eye shadows. I own 5 of their makeup palettes, the most of any one brand in my collection, and so I have decided to share my thoughts and swatches of these palettes with you!

From Top to Bottom: Graveyard Girl Swamp Queen Palette, Tarteist Pro Palette, Carried Away Palette, Tarteist Pro to Go Palette, Tartelette Tease Palette

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Project Pan | 2018

Okay guys, I think I’m back. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get back into writing, and I just haven’t felt the tug to continue with the book I started writing just yet, but I’ve wanted to get back into posting on this blog. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep my blog domain name the same but for now it stays, along with all of my old posts in case you want to make me cringe while you read them.

I really want to focus this blog mostly on beauty and fitness. I love makeup; that’s a fact. But, I just recently received a Fitbit from my parents this Christmas and I’m trying hard this year to focus on becoming the best me that I can be and that means getting healthy. So I’m thinking some weekly Fitbit updates, posts on me trying out new recipes etc. I don’t want to focus too much on the scale – as that is what has kept me from continuing on getting fit in the past; I am very impatient and when I don’t see results, I quit. So, I will not be weighing myself regularly.

My aim for this blog in 2018 will be to do at least one post a week. That can’t be too hard, can it?

So, for my first post back (along with this lovely update for you all) is ….. a Project Pan for 2018!

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