Lipstick Collection: Wet N Wild Megalast & Revlon Super Lustrous

Hi guys! Today I bring you Part 1 of my lipstick collection! I’m not sure how many parts there will be to this post, but I do have many lipsticks (over 50?) and I’m going to try to split them up by brand, and then do the random lipsticks in a post all there own.

For today’s post, we’re talking about the Wet N Wild Megalast and the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks since I own a good chunk of each.

Wet N Wild Megalast


I believe there is close to 20 shades for the Megalast collection; I own 9 (2 I will be decluttering after posting this). They are extremely affordable at about $2.50 Canadian, and most of them are good dupes for MAC lipsticks. I used to wear these a lot when I first started purchasing lipsticks about 2 years ago, but I don’t often reach for them anymore. However, I did still keep 7 in my collection because they do have a wide range of colours and they are a great formula. I find they are more of an “amplified” finish; some are more matte than others, but they are comfortable on the lips as well. A great deal for what you get!

Let’s move on to swatches!

Bare It All
bare-it-all-swatch bare-it-all-tube

A really good dupe for Mac’s Velvet Teddy (just a little bit lighter in terms of shade).

Just Peachy

just-peachy-tube just-peachy-swatch

I was going to declutter this one because peachy shades don’t usually look good on my skin tone, but after re-swatching it, I will be keeping it!

Think Pink

think-pink-tube think-pink-swatch

I was going to keep this one, but it’s actually way too light for me and does not suit me anymore at all. It is a really pretty soft pink, but I have others in my collection that I prefer over this.

24 Carrot Gold

24-carat-tube 24-carat-swatch

I really love this one! I love orange shades on me and this is no different. I haven’t reached for this in a while, but I definitely want to start wearing it more!

Don’t Blink Pink

dont-blink-pink-tube dont-blink-pink-swatchSuch a pretty deep fuschia!


pinkerbelle-tube pinkerbelle-swatchIt looks like a really pretty coral-y pink, but it actually leans more towards peach which like I mentioned before, doesn’t suit my skin tone, so this one’s getting decluttered.

Sugar Plum Fairy

sugar-plum-fairy-tube sugar-plum-fair-swatchI would say this could be a great dupe for Mac’s Rebel, but I don’t own that lipstick. This lipstick and the last two of this collection do require a lipliner since they are the “dark” colours and tend to smudge outside the lines without one. Super pretty though, and I need to break it out now that it’s fall!

Cherry Bomb

cherry-bomb-tube cherry-bomb-swatchAgain, a super pretty dark burgundy colour!

Vamp it Up

vamp-it-up-tube vamp-it-up-swatchIt looks almost black here, but it is a darkened purple. Looks great with Mac’s Nightmoth lipliner underneath.

Revlon Super Lustrous


These lipsticks retail around $8 in Canada. I do like the formula of these because they are comfortable on the lips. There are a variety of finishes in the collection; sheer, frost, matte etc. I own 5 lipsticks from the collection. I did used to own about 7, but I decluttered two earlier in the year. I do prefer the matte finishes that I own from this line because they are the type of matte that does not move, but also does not bleed outside your lips. The creamier finishes can get a little messy so I would suggest wearing a lip liner with those.

On to the swatches!

Pink Pout

revlon-pink-pout revlon-pink-pout-swatch

Pink Pout is a nice soft, matte pink shade. It’s a beautiful every day colour and looks great with a smokey eye!

Berry Couture

revlon-berry-couture revlon-berry-couture-swatch

Berry Couture is a sheer wash of colour. To be honest, I don’t often wear it too much anymore but I used to love the colour and since I don’t have a lot of sheer finishes in my collection, I still keep it just in case I ever want to wear it.

Fuschia Fusion

revlon-fuschia-fusion revlon-fuschia-fusion-swatch

I’m not sure if I’m going to be keeping this in my collection. While it is a gorgeous colour, it is more of a frost finish which I don’t tend to reach for, and I do have a shade like this from Gosh Cosmetics. I am going to keep it for now and if I haven’t worn it by the time I do my next declutter, I’ll toss it.

Love that Red

revlon-love-that-red revlon-love-that-red-swatchA gorgeous orange-toned red! I love these reds over the classic blue toned reds (I look horrible in those). I don’t wear red lipsticks that often, but it’s always good to have a couple in the collection just in case!

Really Red

revlon-really-red revlon-really-red-swatchAnd if you’re going to have a red, you always need a matte red like Really Red. Stays in place, not too dry and comfortable to wear!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m looking forward to showcasing more of my lipstick collection! If you have any recommendations for lipsticks to try, I want to hear them haha!


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