“Back to School” Haul

I’m not going back to school, but this is the time of year when cozy sweaters are coming out and the newest trends are arriving in store, so I thought why not! This is also a “try-on” haul which I love watch on YouTube because you can actually see how the clothes fit.

First, I went in to Torrid. I wasn’t looking for any thing in particular and maybe that’s why I tried on so much throughout the day!

The pants that I was actually wearing to the mall (Old Navy’s Rockstar black denim) was bothering me because I kept having to pull them up every five minutes. Yeah, I know, get a belt. (I’m thinking of actually throwing them in the dryer for a few minutes to help shrink the waist but anyways). I had bought a pair of jeans from there about a year ago and I think I got them in a size 18, but they’re also slightly droopy on me. So, I’m just looking for some size 16 bottoms when I find ones that are the ankle pant AND rips at the knee, YAY! (I would love to fit into the Joni jeans from Topshop that have the rips in the knees, so this find was great for me!). I also tried on a couple of tops, but only ended up selecting one because it can be quite expensive in the store. For the two items it cost me over $100. The pants alone were about $85 with tax, but like I’ve mentioned in other posts, as much as that can bother me spending that much on bottoms, it’s also hard to find good fitting pants at Plato’s Closet (where I work) that are plus size that I like. So, sometimes I need to spend a little bit extra to find pants I love.

IMG_4400 IMG_4401

The top is a size 0 from Torrid, and if you’re unable to read the pocket it says, “how about never” on it. 🙂

IMG_4403 FullSizeRender(1)

The next place I went was Forever 21. They had a TON of great new items in! I tried on about 15 pieces just at this store. As everyone knows Forever 21 is an inexpensive place to shop and for that reason I also find their clothes to be kind of cheaply made. They also have a horrible return policy where it’s only store credit or exchange so for these reasons I always need to make sure I love the item before buying it. There was this gorgeous top that was 70s inspired; had the mustard yellow, maroon colours blended in a stripe pattern across it with the lace up front. Just gorgeous. But the seam on the right shoulder looked like it was ripping and of course they only had a size up or a size down from the one I tried on. I didn’t purchase this top, but I might try to go back and see if they restock it or buy it online because it was beautiful. Also, the last time I was at this Forever 21 location, I had the WORST experience in the change room with the employee manning it. I actually complained to the manager about it (which I never do because I’m timid about confrontations and also I work in customer service so it sucks getting a complaint), but this employee ignored me for a good minute with me waiting in front of the change room, never spoke a single word to me, but I could hear her talk to all of the other customers that walked in the change room, and she just had this stink-eye on her the entire time. I felt horrible about myself after. Going back, I already knew that F21 hires some not-so-great people (besides that girl, half of them look like they would rather die than help a customer), but they do have cute clothes and so I went back. I did end up buying three items from the store, but the girl manning the change rooms today was AMAZING and I made sure to tell her that. She was so focused on her job of getting people into the change rooms and counting out the correct items that it made me happy. And she had a smile on her face the whole time while doing it. It kind of restored my faith in this location so I’m happy I went back.

Anyways, I bought a necklace, a striped top (because clearly having four already in my closet isn’t enough) and some soft pants in a mustard yellowy brown colour.

IMG_4411 IMG_4413 IMG_4414

The necklace was $4.90, the top was around $15 and the pants were around $21.

IMG_4417 FullSizeRender(4) FullSizeRender(3)

Lastly I went into Old Navy hoping to find a jean jacket but they didn’t have anymore XLs left. Their hoodies were on for 20% off and the gray one I currently own is kind of the oversized, already-looks-worn type of hoodie. So I spent about $30 on a nicer gray one that I can wear on colder days at work or wear out and about and it still looks nice.

IMG_4407 FullSizeRender(2)

I hope you enjoyed this haul post, and I do look forward to doing more “try-ons” in the future!

Thanks 🙂

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