Makeup Declutter

Hi guys! Over the weekend I decided to go through my makeup and throw out any I don’t use or separate out a pile for my sister to go through before I throw the rest away. I’m moving out soon so I’ve been cleaning lately and trying to downsize the clothes, makeup and just general junk I have.

I thought that I would share with you briefly what I’m getting rid of from my collection. Enjoy!

Went to the Trash Straight Away


Top to Bottom: Revlon Matte Lipstain, older shimmer highlighter, sample Makeup Forever mascara, Annabelle brown eyeliner, Annabelle single eyeshadow in Gleam, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation, Wet N Wild glitter eyeshadow, Anna Sui eyebrow compact, NYC mascara

The Revlon lip stain was a beautiful coral colour, but it settled in the lines/cracks of my lips so I didn’t wear it that often. My sister likes more nude shades so it would have been no good putting this in my pile for her.

The older shimmer highlighter I actually got from my sister, but then I never ended up using it so just easier to toss out.

The sample Makeup Forever mascara was great and I used it up! I got it from one of the Sephora birthday gifts a couple years ago.

I had two Annabelle eyeliners both in brown shades but the one I ended up keeping was a little darker. I don’t often reach for pencil eyeliners so I thought it was best to only keep one.

I bought the Gleam eyeshadow long before I was ever any good at doing makeup. I have lots of similar shades to it in palettes now that I never reach for it.

I hate the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. I still had a good 1/3 left of the tub but every time I wore it I hate how it looked. It looks chalky on my face after a couple hours and I just hate dipping my fingers into a tub of foundation. It was a no-brainer to toss it.

The glitter in the Wet N Wild compact is chunky and almost a creamy formula. I thought I could use it for nights out but it doesn’t look good however I apply it.

The Anna Sui compact I got from a friend, but I use an eyeshadow colour from Maybelline to fill in my brows.

The mascara I pretty much used up and it kind of dried out as well.


From L to R: Two OCC lip tars, Hard Candy Argon Lipstick, Rimmel London Apocalips in Apocalyptic, NYX lip cream in Transylvania, Rimmel London Apocalips (mauve shade), a peach lip gloss

I tried to downsize my lipstick, but in the end I only got rid of a few.

The OCC lip tars I bought years ago and never wear them. They are great colours and it’s cool that you’re able to mix shades, but I just prefer lipsticks over them.

The Hard Candy argon lipstick is just too creamy for my taste. It just slips and slides all over my lips.

I used to love the Rimmel London Apocalips but now I just prefer either a liquid lipstick that will last all day or a sheer wash of gloss. I haven’t reached for these in ages so they are a toss.

Getting rid of Transylvania was hard because I searched every where for it when Target came to Canada (for a brief time). I could have gotten a bad batch because mine was terribly streaky and even when worn over top a lip liner it still looked streaky. I have better liquid lipsticks in similar shades so I chose to toss it.

Giving to My Sister and then I Will Toss It Out


From Top to Bottom: Sephora Sponges, Elf Setting Powder, Two Maybelline Eye Creams (Tough as Taupe and a Champagne colour), Two Maybelline Loose Pigments (a purple and a champagne colour), a Claire’s palette, an eye shimmer cream, a sample of Nars illuminator, a Nars cheek/lip stick, NYX eye pencil in a lavendar shade, a L’Oreal cream to powder blush, some Urban Decay mini eyeliners, a black eyeliner, a Milani mascara, The Smokes palette from Maybelline, a Revlon eyeshadow palette

I bought the Sephora sponges before I ever really knew how to apply foundation. To be honest, I prefer a flat-top brush over a sponge any day.

The Elf Setting Powder is great, but using the Urban Decay setting spray is just more convenient for me and I do prefer it too.

I love the Maybelline cream shadow pots but these two have dried out. I will definitely repurchase the colour Tough as Taupe. The loose pigments I bought as a buy one, get one for half price but I’ve barely used them.

In Canada, we have a store called Claire’s that sells pre-teeny stuff as well as makeup. I first bought this palette well over 6 years ago when I was just getting into wearing makeup and it’s near and dear to my heart, but I don’t use it anymore and it’s probably past the expiry.

The shimmer eye cream and the sample Nars illuminator I received from a friend passing it along to me, but I have never used either of them.

The Nars cheek/lip stick I got from IMATS (I’m thinking it’s now been about 4 years or so) and I spent lots of money on it so that’s why I’ve probably kept it for so long. But I have barely used it and time and time again when I’ve tried to throw it out I’m always like “but think of the money you spent!” I’ve come to realize that I’m just not going to use it.

I don’t often wear lavender/pink eye shadows anymore so I’ll just pass along this NYX eye shadow base.

I think this L’Oreal blush tube was a bad batch. It comes out in chunks, almost too powdery. I much prefer the new Hard Candy blush tubes much better.

The Urban Decay mini eyeliners I bought the same time as the Sephora sponges, and I did use them a lot. But I don’t wear pencil eyeliners all that often anymore.

The black eyeliner I love, but I haven’t used in ages. I prefer the liquid eyeliners, but while I’m typing this, I might keep it just in case.

The Milani mascara is okay. The wand is much too big for my preference. I prefer a slimmer wand for my lashes.

The Smokes palette from Maybelline is horrible. There’s only one good shadow from the entire palette. I kept the Blushed Nudes palette because I do like the pigment of those shades more. But pass on this palette, I swear to you, do not buy it.

The Revlon eye shadow quads are great but I don’t wear this one at all.


From L to R: NYX Butter lipstick in Hunk and Razzle, Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Fatal, Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Keep a Secret

I’m going to preface this by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the NYX butter glosses, and I wanted the butter lipsticks for ages, but they disappointed me. They felt weird on the lips and I could never wear them longer than an hour or so. The pigmentation is great, but I’m just not a fan.

While I did include Kiss Fatal in my liquid lipstick collection, I’m passing it on. I just don’t wear it.

I’m just not a huge lip gloss fan, and if I am going to wear one I’d choose either the butter glosses by NYX over wearing the Vinyl glosses any day.

I hope you enjoyed this declutter post/mini review and explanation on why I’m passing on them. More reviews and tutorials will be coming soon!


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