Liquid Lipstick Collection: Review and Swatches!

Hi everyone! After a long hiatus, I really want to get back into posting at least a couple times a month here and thought it would be great to start off with a product that I absolutely love – liquid lipsticks!

At first I was very skeptical trying out this product. My lips tend to get very dry, very quickly wearing matte lipsticks but I decided to purchase a few. The longevity of the product is what won me over and now I have 11 liquid lipsticks in my collection.

Arm Swatches

From L-R: Colorpop’s Trap, ABH Sepia, KVD Lolita, Colorpop Bumble, KVD Ayesha, Rimmel London Kiss Fatal, ABH Craft, Colorpop More Better, KVD Nosferatu, KVD Exorcism

Rimmel London – Kiss Fatal

Rimmel LondonThis is one of the Rimmel London’s take on a liquid lipstick where you apply the colour from one end and a clear top coat on the other. I thought I would include this because I don’t have any other liquid lipsticks from the drugstore. The colour doesn’t show up pigmented in the picture but you can build the colour up.

I’ve only worn this one a couple of times but it does stay in place for a long period of time and is just as hard to remove as real liquid lipsticks.




More Better

More Better



I own three of the Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks from Colourpop in the shades, Bumble, More Better and Trap. Bumble was the very first liquid lipstick I purchased. On all the swatch videos I watched on YouTube, it was one of the only colours that looked good on every skin tone. I do love the colour and it’s one of the lipsticks I get the most compliments on.

I bought Trap because it goes with the “greige” trend every one loves right now. It actually is more of a mix between the greige and a lavender colour in person. It’s one of my most worn shades.

More Better looked a lot more magenta-pink on the website so I was a little disappointed when I swatched it at home. I have a lot of similar shades like it in my lipstick collection, but I have worn it quite a bit.

In terms of wear, they do last a relatively long time. You will need to reapply some product after eating or drinking. Bumble lasts the longest out of the three I own from Colourpop.  The product itself is more liquid than mousse (versus other LLs) which I prefer because it does dry faster. Colourpop dries the fastest out of all the liquid lipstick brands I own.

In a Colourpop tube you get 0.11 oz of product and they retail for $6 US (but I pay for shipping to Canada as well).

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH)



ABH Sepia


I have wanted to try ABH liquid lipsticks since they first started appearing all over YouTube, but no Sephora in Canada stocked them until earlier this year. Only part of the liquid lipstick line was released early on so I wasn’t able to pick up Sepia (I had my eye on it for a while) just yet.

I purchased Craft first and I really do love the colour. It’s more of a berry colour in person and although it is similar to Colourpop’s More Better (and I probably don’t need to own both), it is a more “vampy” colour than it.

On one of my recent trips to Sephora, I went looking for the Modern Renaissance palette (all sold out) but they had finally stocked Sepia and there was one tube left so I made sure to purchase it! It’s a beautiful colour and definitely fits in with the greige trend right now. However, I’ve worn Sepia twice now for a full 6 hours and it does not dry all the way down to a matte finish. I don’t know if it’s because there’s too much product on my lips, but it’s the only LL I have that does not mattify.

Craft does last a long time and does dry down though. The formula is more of a mousse which I find picks up a lot more product than you need and I usually try to take as much excess off before I put it on my lips.

The ABH lipsticks are 0.11 oz for $26 CAN.

Kat Von D









I own four of the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks.

Ayesha was the first shade I bought from the line. It’s such a fun colour for summer but it does make my teeth look a little yellow.

I purchased Exorcism second because I love dark, vampy shades. I usually wear Mac’s Nightmoth lip liner underneath because it can come off a little streaky.

I finally purchased Lolita because you always need a classic nude shade. It really is a great nude shade.

On my last trip to Sephora, I purchase Nosferatu. A customer had come in to work wearing it and I just needed to know what it was so that I could pick it up for myself. I’ve only worn it once and it does come a little bit darker than in the photo; which overall I do prefer because I’m not a fan of red lipstick on me.

Overall, Kat Von D is my favourite brand of the liquid lipsticks that I own. They are not so drying that they are uncomfortable to wear. While they do tend to come off a little bit after eating/drinking, when applying a second coat they do not get flaky. The formula is more liquid-y which I much prefer.

You also get more bang for your buck! They retail for $24 CAN and you get 0.22 oz in each tube.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below with your favourite liquid lipsticks or any recommendations that you think I should try! 🙂

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