My Favourite Big Brother Houseguests

In honour of the third season of Big Brother Canada which premiered tonight, I thought I would round up my favourite houseguests from my favourite reality show (includes both U.S. and Canada seasons!)

  1. Dr. Will Kirby from Season 2: One half of “Chilltown” and arguably one of the best players ever, he was charming and hilarious to watch in season 2, but even better in Season 7: All Stars.
  2. Nakomis from Season 5: She invented the “back door” scenario (called then the six finger plan) and that’s why they had to change to randomly picking players for Veto competitions.
  3. Kaysar from Season 6: He was smart and calculated in his moves, and partnered up with some great players especially Janelle.
  4. Janelle from Season 6: Also one of the best players ever, she was strong, great at competitions, and sassy to boot! She kicked butt in season 6 as well as season 7: All Stars.
  5. Daniele Donato from Season 8: Stuck in a house for 3 months with your estranged father must have sucked, but again, she was a great player and aligned herself with the right people.
  6. Dan Gheesling from Season 10: Arguably the best player ever, he was mesmerizing to watch and deserved to win too. His “funeral” in Season 14 may have been one of the best game moves ever.
  7. Rachel Reilly from Season 12: She was frigging annoying to watch, but she was a strong competitor, and she was even better in Season 13.
  8. Britney Haynes from Season 12: Her diary room sessions were just hilarious.
  9. Frank Eudy from Season 14: A lot of people disliked Frank, but I enjoyed watching him. He was a great physical competitor and it was kind of funny to see him get screwed over by so many people.
  10. Ian Terry from Season 14: The student becomes the master. Literally amazeballs.
  11. Jessie Kowalski from Season 15: BB Producers gave her the worst edit, but live feeds she was fun to watch.
  12. Elissa Slater from Season 15: Rachel Reilly’s sister and again, great competitor, and she was always out casted or fighting for her life.
  13. Judd from Season 15: The bear shirt.
  14. Zach Rance from Season 16: Very fun to watch, but not the best competitor.
  15. Nicole Franzel from Season 16: Everyone underestimated her, and she proved them wrong. She was just so cute and innocent.
  16. Donny from Season 16: This man is a saint! He looks like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty, and he was one of the best competitors in this season! He holds the key to my heart.
  17. Heather Decksheimer from BBCAN2: Her voice is hella annoying at first, but she grows on you and becomes a fierce competitor.
  18. Jon from BBCAN2: He was nice to look at and his partnership with Neda was great to watch.
  19. Neda Kalantar from BBCAN2: SHE SHOULD HAVE WON. THE END.

Hope you enjoyed my list! Who are your favourites on BB? Or do you watch other reality shows instead?


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