50 Random Facts About Me

Hi guys! So, again I wanted to post something today but didn’t really have anything planned so I decided to do the 50 Random Facts About Me tag! Let’s get into it! 🙂

  1. I love to write. I’m in the process of writing a novel, but I used to write short stories and even picture books when I was little.
  2. I didn’t really get into makeup until I was in university.
  3. I’ve never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship.
  4. I got my first kiss when I was 19.
  5. I suffered from depression when I was in the 8th grade.
  6. I love reality tv.
  7. I’m afraid of the dark and have a nightlight.
  8. I’m a very picky eater.
  9. I hate all fruit except bananas.
  10. I’m a giant scaredy cat; I hate horror movies or tv shows.
  11. When I was younger, I wanted to be a dentist when I grew up.
  12. Now, I have no idea what I want to do in the future.
  13. I went to school for media studies and specialized in public relations.
  14. I’ve had a total of 6 different jobs since I was 16.
  15. I work at a Plato’s Closet and I love it.
  16. I’m much more confident now than ever before.
  17. I think it’s because I started venturing out with different lipstick shades during my co-op in university, and I received lots of compliments so I kinda just kept doing it.
  18. I’m overweight though.
  19. I think it scares my mom how happy I am even though I am “fat”.
  20. I love to read.
  21. I have too many favourite books to name but some include: Lord of the Flies, Harry Potter, The Darkest Minds and The Lovely Bones.
  22. I can do the “clover” tongue.
  23. I love Nicki Minaj and that surprises a lot of people.
  24. I used to have an eating disorder.
  25. I like to say to myself I am in “recovery” for it because although I am better, the thoughts and disordered tendencies are always right there in the back of my mind waiting for me to slip.
  26. I’ve never really told anyone outside my family and close friends that.
  27. I used to play T-Ball and Soccer and did gymnastics when I was little.
  28. I bought Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s for no reason, and I have no idea where to wear them.
  29. I had my first date back in November and it was so frickin ridiculous.
  30. I love fairy tales.
  31. My favourite disney princesses are Cinderella or Belle.
  32. I would love to have the library that the Beast has in his castle in Beauty and the Beast.
  33. I’ve been to Disney world 4 times.
  34. I’ve also been to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal.
  35. I don’t have my ears pierced.
  36. I got my tattoo on a whim with only a couple weeks thinking about it.
  37. Spring is my favourite season.
  38. I love to swim.
  39. I always used to pretend I was a mermaid when I was in the pool.
  40. I still sleep with stuffed animals.
  41. I’m afraid I’ll never have a boyfriend.
  42. I still live at home with my parents.
  43. I want to move out before next March though.
  44. I love to play board games.
  45. Especially scrabble or Life.
  46. I used to play with Barbies until I was like 11 or 12.
  47. I believed in Santa until grade 5.
  48. I bought a Tarot card kit because it interests me.
  49. I’ve seen at least one ghost.
  50. I get night terrors and sleep paralysis.

Hope you enjoyed and I tag anyone who wants to do it!


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