Fashion in Review

Hi Guys! I thought I would create a new post every week showing you what I wore or my “outfit of the day (OOTD)” for a couple days from the previous week. I would much rather take full body selfies showing what I wear each day versus the usual up-close-and-personal selfie of my face, and this is what most of my instagram is filled with. My personal style each day reflects how I feel and kind of what I want to take from that day too, so without further ado, below are 3 OOTD’s from last week!

 From last Sunday, just a comfy relaxing day. Sweater is originally from American Eagle ($50), but bought it from Plato’s Closet for $16.

From Monday, after I had just gotten a hair cut. Cardigan originally from Joe, bought from Plato’s Closet for $8. Top originally from Forever 21, bought from Plato’s for $6.

From Thursday, a pre-work selfie. Wearing my new high-waisted jeans from Bluenotes, and a longer crop top from Aeropostale. Tried curling my shorter hair too.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I’m looking forward to posting more of these OOTDs in the future! 🙂


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