50 Words or Less

On Tumblr, I follow a blog called Yeah Writers where the moderator posts writing inspirations and prompts. I found one that might be interesting to make a series out of and to also challenge myself. You’re supposed to write a short work of fiction in 50 words or less and post it. I have trouble writing short stories, and in doing this challenge, it might help me become a better writer.

Below is my first attempt. [Note: trigger warning for reference to abuse] Continue reading

Quick Haul

When I’m bored, I like to wander around Walmart and look at stuff which usually ends in me buying some makeup/hair products. So here are a few things I picked up this evening. I’ve been trying not to spend a lot of money lately so I tried buying only things I either really needed, were on sale, or that I’ve been after for a while.


The first thing I bought is the Be Better Professional Argan Oil Conditioner. I’ve heard positive reviews about using products with argan oil/macadamia oil in them so I thought I would try this product out. Also helped that this was on sale for $3.99!


I picked up another Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in the colour Think Pink. I now have a total of seven from the collection; I think I’m addicted.

The next thing I bought was one of the single eyeshadows from Maybelline in the shade Made for Mocha. I thought that this would be a good colour to fill in my brows with. I’m currently using the Taupe colour from the Lorac Pro palette and I’ve started to hit pan which makes me anxious, so I thought finding another colour for my brows might make me a little less worried if that makes sense. This eyeshadow was $4.50 from Walmart.

I’m clearly addicted to buying foundation products. I have about 3 and a half on the go currently, but I decided I needed another one. So, I’m going to test out the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I really enjoy using my Aveeno BB cream, but I would like to try another out and Maybelline has always proved me right in its foundation products. (I used the Rimmel Matte BB cream, and it’s absolutely horrible in the fact that it breaks me out every time I’ve used it, so hopefully this one is much better.) This was $7.69 from Rexall.

I have wanted to try the L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer for ages and decided to splurge and buy it. I’ve heard great reviews from beauty gurus on YouTube about this product and cannot wait to try it. I’m hoping that although I have combo skin that the pearly finish won’t make my skin look too oily but rather dewy instead. This was $13.96 from Walmart.

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Festivals

So, this past weekend I attended the EDM music festival, Digital Dreams that was held downtown Toronto at Ontario Place/Molson Amphitheater. I went to the festival last year and didn’t really have that good of a time (I only started listening to edm about a month before going), but this year I enjoyed myself a lot more!

The DJs were great, the weather was beautiful and pretty much everyone was nice to be around! So, in honour of more music festivals coming soon, I thought I would share some tips and tricks I have collected from attending DD (and from seeing what others have done too).

This is my favourite tip because if you’re going to a festival, you should decide what you get to wear; not anyone else. DD is basically an outside rave so plenty of girls were dressed in bedazzled bras and short shorts – and trust me, if I had enough confidence, I would totally wear that too! There should be no shame in what you wear to a festival; others were wearing tutus, costumes, crop-tops etc.

It was sweltering out this weekend, like 30+ humidity both days. However, there was a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday, so I prepared my bringing an umbrella hat, and I was happy I brought it. It poured for 25 mins. So check the weather so you know what you’re in for.

Put on sunscreen beforehand and bring some into the venue. Enough said.

DD allowed guests to bring in an unopened bottle of water or an empty one (they had free refill stations). I drank way more water than I did alcohol this weekend because I felt I might have died from dehydration if I didn’t.

DD allowed smaller cameras, prepacked food/water, costumes etc. Obviously no outside alcohol was allowed, or drugs. However, different festivals allow different items so make sure to read them to see what you’re allowed to take in.

If you don’t want to carry everything, you should try to store your items in the on-site lockers (if they have them). They do cost money though. DD was ~$20 for both days, but if you’re the type of person who really doesn’t want to carry your backpack, it might be good to invest in it.

Festivals just hike up prices because they know they can get your money. A tall-boy was $10, a pita from Pita Pit was $10 (the prices differed with the food trucks so some products were reasonably priced, but you have to expect to pay more at any entertainment venue. DD was cashless this year, so you pre-loaded money onto a wristband. For the most part, it was less of a hassle but make sure if your festival does this, to load money beforehand because the lines do get long.

This is more a tip to be aware of whose around you, and to not be rude. For instance, my friends and I grabbed a spot on a hill to watch one of the acts. We weren’t taking up that much room at all when I feel someone’s sneaker touch my back. A group had sat down behind us and stretched out far enough so that his foot was against me. I just shifted downwards a little and it was fine, but try to be polite and don’t be a dick like that person. Or say excuse me when you’re pushing through the crowd, even if people can’t hear you, at least you did it. Or (biggest pet peeve) when you’re jumping/dancing in the mob of people, be aware of how close you are to the strangers around you. I had plenty of people bump into me multiple times because they apparently didn’t realize that there were people behind them.