Why I watch Teen Wolf, and why you should too

I will defend my love for the show Teen Wolf until the end of time. I’m that into it. One third of my Tumblr is probably comprised of gifs or videos or photosets of it. I am insane about it, I know. But it’s a great show that’s on television. One that doesn’t focus much on sex or drugs, but rather on the relationships between friends, family and pack members.

The show is very loosely based off the 80’s movie of the same name. The only thing they have in common with each other is maybe a few names, the fact that it’s called Teen Wolf, and that there’s a teenage boy who gets turned into a werewolf. The show follows a teenage boy named Scott, who on the night he got bitten, was roaming in the woods with his best friend, Stiles, looking for a dead body (Stiles’ father is the Sheriff and he’s very curious about most things that are illegal). The two of them get split up and Scott walks home in the woods, only to be bitten by something. Stiles is the one to figure out that Scott is a werewolf. Teenage angst ensues when we find out that Scott’s love interest, Allison, has a father whose family business is hunting werewolves.

The other major characters include:

Derek Hale: another werewolf we’re introduced to who begins to mentor Scott in the first season.
Allison Argent: the girl that Scott falls in love with. Her father is Papa Argent, who is a werewolf hunter.
Jackson Whittemore: Scott’s rival on the lacrosse team, and Lydia’s boyfriend. He starts getting jealous that Scott becomes the star athlete of the lacrosse team.
Lydia Martin: Allison’s best friend and Jackson’s girlfriend. For the first season, she’s just a supporting character, but the second and third season see her developing in the plotline more.

It sounds ridiculous, I know. But just stick with me on this.

I’m warning you here that there are stages you will go through when you begin to watch the first season (or rewatch as I’ve done) and they are as follows:

Utter Embarrassment
For at least the first three episodes, you will cringe in embarrassment at the show. It’s laughable. It’s almost a little terrible. The main love interest, Scott and Allison, come off as cheesy and as cringe-worthy as Edward and Bella from Twilight. You’ll want to stop watching, but the glue that holds it all together are the “major” supporting characters like Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski and Papa Argent (and eventually Lydia). You’ll enjoy Coach Finstock’s jokes, and if you’re like me, you might keep watching because there are hot guys everywhere.

Seemingly Okay-ness
The show gets less embarrassing and starts to focus more on an actual plot by episode four. You’re actually interested in what werewolf is terrorizing the town and killing people, slightly at least, because you’re more interested in the fact that werewolf Derek just looks like a sad puppy half of the time. Allison eventually gets tolerable, but you’re still wondering why Scott has to be the main character.

This Guy’s Hilarious!
This is the stage where you begin to really like your favourite character. For me, it’s Stiles. He’s funny, awkward, has common sense in situations that Scott does not, and is almost all the comic-relief in any scene that’s not tense.

OMG What just happened?????
The last two episodes are where everything comes together and you’re just like WTF? where did that come from? And then you decide to stick around to see what kind of shenanigans the gang will get themselves into next, if only to see Derek fail again at being a good werewolf.

But let’s move on, and let’s get to the real reasons on why you should watch Teen Wolf.

1. The Friendships.
Whether it be between Stiles and Scott, or Allison and Lydia, or even Danny and Jackson, Teen Wolf is roaming with great friendships. There’s no deep dark secrets between them (as opposed to Blair/Serena from Gossip Girl); it’s honest-to-God, good-natured friendships that I enjoy watching.


2. The Breakout Actors
Some of the actors get really into their characters, and play them exceptionally well. Two of the show’s best stars are Dylan O’Brien who plays Stiles and Holland Roden who plays Lydia. In the first season and a half, Stiles and Lydia’s characters don’t really show a “serious” side; they’re more defined by the simple tropes they play: the goofy best friend and the smart popular girl. You start seeing more of how well Holland and Dylan can act towards the end of the second season and throughout the entire third. The dynamic between the two actors also helps the characters grow. Pretty much any scene with Stiles and Lydia is pure gold. Their banter makes my life complete. A lot season 3B is about Stiles’ facing a dark force, and Lydia plays a big role in finding out about what A) she can do with her ability; and B) how she can help Stiles.





3. The Parent/Child Relationships
Although it feels like everyone in Beacon Hills is an only child, at least they have a good relationship with their parent(s). It’s interesting to watch the parent/child dynamic between Scott and his mother, Stiles and his father, and Allison and her parents because they are all a little different, and yet wildly the same. They all want to protect their loved ones. I mean, Allison’s parents know about werewolves (she doesn’t for most of the first season), and her father is part of a group of hunters. The Sheriff is protective of his break-all-the-rules, charismatic son even if it might mean punishment for him. And Melissa McCall just wants to get on the same page as Scott.

As the seasons progress, the parent/child dynamic shifts but it also makes you appreciate each of their characters. I love every single one of the parents on the show, and how often do you find that in a show?


4. The cast/writers/director connect with the Teen Wolf fan community.
I mean, there is an official Teen Wolf tumblr that is run by (who we assume) is the creater, Jeff Davis. That photoset I just posted? Made by the Teen Wolf tumblr. Whenever the show first airs on TV, a gifset is posted about every 15 minutes of the last intense scene. The casts connect with fans on Twitter, and so does Jeff Davis or the official Teen Wolf twitter. It makes it seem as if you’re a part of a community.

5. Danny.
You come for the werewolves, but you stay for Danny. He’s the openly gay, minor character on Teen Wolf. A joke pretty much runs throughout all the seasons that even though everyone’s trying to hide the fact that there are werewolves in Beacon Hills that Danny somehow knows because it’s not like anyone is exactly secretive about what they are trying to do.

But Danny’s awesome. His scenes are great. He brings humour and charm to any scene he’s in, and everyone loves him.


6. The season-arc plots.
Each season has its own central plot, usually about a werewolf or supernatural being murdering people in Beacon Hills. As each episode progressed, I got more interested with the storyline versus which guy was shirtless. The mysteries get better with each season, although season two’s central story line was a little out of the ordinary, but season 3B’s was best.

7. The inside jokes/cheesy one-liners.
As I mentioned previously, the producers/writers of the show are involved with a lot of the fan community aspects of it. Sometimes they play into what the fans want (ex. Sterek shippers) or what they’ve made fun of in jokes on Tumblr or Twitter. There was an episode in the first half of season three where character/werewolf Isaac wore this scarf on a hunt with Stiles, Scott and Papa Argent. Tumblr exploded with jokes about it because his outfit was a little ridiculous for hunting other werewolves, and then this happened in the second half of season three:


The show also has these crazy one-liners that they’ve used in dialogue or for dramatic purposes. Most are used by the villains of the show such as Peter Hale, Derek’s uncle or season 3A’s villain, Deucalion. Again, they are funny, and you look forward to seeing one in at least every episode.




So, you see there is more to the show Teen Wolf than just being based off a movie and about a bunch of teenagers who have to deal with werewolf problems. There’s family, there’s friendships and relationships. And about half the time you’re laughing because of some totally ridiculous thing that one of the characters said or did; well, mostly Derek. So give it a go! New season starts June 23 on MTV!


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